Log Processing & Data Aggregation

Processing data from any source, normalizing to any schema, supporting data visualization and business reporting. Using cutting edge technologies like Elasticsearch, Logstash, Fluentd and Kibana.

Streaming Analytics and Data Modeling

Analyzing, designing, implementing, testing and automating highly available distributed analytics applications using cutting edge technologies like Apache Storm and Apache Lucene.

Application Development

Analyzing, designing, implementing, testing and automating new or existing applications in Java, Javascript, Node.js, Ruby on Rails or Android. Delivering reliable code using TDD, BDD and engaging the customers.

Front-End & Back-End

Designing, developing, maintaining and automating single page web-applications, large-scale distributed user facing websites, web-administration interfaces, highly available, horizontally scaling web-applications in finance, e-commerce, media and advertising and telecommunications in small scale and large scale also. Using the latest cutting edge web stack.