Hi, my name is Gergely Nagy

A professional software engineer from Hungary



The following is a summary of the projects I was working on during the years

2008 - Now

2016 - Now

Full-Stack Engineer - Groovy & Grails / Tado┬║ GmbH Munich

API design and domain modeling, database design and development, web application development, procurement control system design and development, streaming analytics, RESTful service design on server-side and client-side in Groovy, Grails, MySQL and Angular JS

2016 - 2016

Freelance Developer / Los Angeles

Consultancy, design, analysis and development with different clients

2016 - 2016

ANA Gift Project - Ruby on Rails / SeeknetUSA - Los Angeles

Designing and developing new models / views and controllers in Ruby on Rails, based on the Spree framework. Designing, developing and testing the ANA Gift projects' role based security model.

2016 - 2016

PhishStorm Project - Java Back-End / @Home

Implementing the paper "PhishStorm: Detecting Phishing with Streaming Analytics" found in

2014 - 2015

Recommendation Tool - Java Back-End / Rakuten Inc. - Tokyo

Analysing, designing, implementing, testing and automating the backend service which receives mall change information through a messaging system (RabbitMQ) and saves the information into Redis for easier information retrieval / caching.

2014 - 2015

Log Search Tool - Java Back-End / Rakuten Inc. - Tokyo

Analysing, designing, implementing, testing and automating a new data processing / aggregation pipeline (Logstash / Lucene) to support the helpdesk team responsible for the global marketplace. Making the legacy framework 100 times faster by delivering, storing and indexing through 200 GB data / day.

2014 - 2015

Log Search Tool - Java Front-End / Rakuten Inc. - Tokyo

Analysing, designing, implementing, testing and automating a new web application (Apache Wicket / Lucene) to support the helpdesk team during their daily operations. Integrating the webapp with the company wide authentication system, implementing authorization and developing a new search form and data list view to query the back-end. Designing and implementing new Lucene queries.

2014 - 2015

Mall Configuration Tool API - Java Back-End / Rakuten Inc. - Tokyo

Analysing, designing, implementing, testing and automating the configuration tool API to support product managers setting up new malls in the Rakuten Ichiba marketplace. Implementing new API methods in JSON RPC, storing the configurations in Atlassia Stash. Implementing a proprietary Atlassian Stash based authentication / authorization scheme, integrating with the Atlassian Stash OAuth 2 service.

2014 - 2015

Mall Configuration Tool Prototype - Node.js - Express.js / Rakuten Inc. - Tokyo

Protoyping and evaluating the feasibility of developing a new webapplication in Node.js / Express.js and Angular.js.

2014 - 2015

Sitemap Tool - Java Back-End / Rakuten Inc. - Tokyo

Cross-border sitemap application to enhance SEO: designing, analysing, implementing, automating and testing the product inventory traversal REST client using JAX-RS running over Rakuten IaaS. Creating daily updates of a 30.000.000+ product inventory in UK, Spain, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, Germany, Austria, Singapore.

2013 - 2014

Scaffolding - Java Back-End & Front End / Netcentric - Munich

Implementing a state-machine based configurable scaffolding extension in the Adobe CQ framework to support generating new UI reports and forms dynamically in the front-end.

2013 - 2014

JapanCuccok Image Carousel - Javascript / @Home

Designing, analysing, implementing and testing a configurable image carousel written in Javascript. Implementing a state-machine based event-handler engine to make the carousel interactive.

2013 - 2014

JapanCuccok - Java Back-End & Front End / @Home

Designing, analysing, implementing and testing a web-shop administration application and public facing front-end application in Apache Wicket running on top of the Google App Engine.

2008 - 2013

CEM on Demand - Common Components / NSN - Budapest

Tutoring, mentoring multi-site members, liaisng with different development sites around the globe. Designing, analysing and testing UI components using JQuery, Highcharts, Apache Struts, Java Portlets, etc.

2008 - 2013

SADM - Bulk Export / NSN - Budapest

Designing, implementing and testing the bulk user export feature in SADM. Extending the DAO layer and API with new methods, implementing the new feature in Oracle 11g PL/SQL.

2008 - 2013

SADM - Port-out & Ban / NSN - Budapest

Port out/banning feature in SADM: designing, analysing, implementing, automating and testing the port out / ban feature which gave the mobile operators an important measure to tighten their security by blacklisting specific phone IMEIs / IMSIs in their network. Creating new UI views in JSF, new models in Java, extending the DAO layer / API with new methods according to the new logic.

2008 - 2013

SADM - Java Front End / NSN - Budapest

Implementing new pages in the SADM administration application using JSF 1.2


AEGON Insurance Hungary - Perl Front End / Hungary Network Rt. - Budapest

Implementing modifications on the AEGON website using Perl & Html::Mason.


The following is a sample selection of some of the websites I worked on during the years

Landing Page UBS


Public website of the Swiss banking giant. Front-end and back-end are both written in Adobe CQ5 and Java

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Landing Page ANA Gift

ANA Gift

Public facing web-application and backend service for the Japanese airline subsidiary written in Ruby on Rails and relying on the Spree framework

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Landing Page Aegon

Aegon N.V.

The Hungarian page of the Dutch insurance company. Public pages and backend are both written in Html::Mason and Perl

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Landing Page Is-It-Phishy

Is It Phishy?

Machine learning application for classifying and/or filtering phishing URLs

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Landing Page Fogetti

My very own blog that you are reading right now written in Node.js

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Landing Page Japancuccok


Public facing web-shop and administration back-end application written in Apache Wicket & Java

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